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La Montaña de La Botija Protected Area

Located along the border with Nicaragua, La Botija contains 5 different ecosystems all within 19,100 hectares (47,177 acres).  Tourists have not yet discovered this area that also contains a population of over 3,500 people.  The area sits on the continental divide and both the bi-national Río Coco (which flows to the Atlantic Ocean) and the Río Negro (which flows to the Pacific Ocean) begin flowing from here.

Many waterfalls can be found in the area, like La Cascada de La Mina located along an abandoned mining area.

The only cloud forest in the south of Honduras can be found here and harbors an incredible amount of biodiversity that includes orchids, ocelots, deer and anteaters.  Over 30,000 people depend on the year round water that flows from the disappearing forest.

Quebrada Pacaya offers up the best place to view blue morpho butterflies in the area. 

You can find many organic shade grown coffee farms in the area.  The coffee is harvested between November and February of each year.

White faced monkeys can be found in El Ojochal, a canyon of tropical dry forest for the adventurous types.  King vultures can also be found flying overhead and blue morpho butterlies can be spotted along the streams of the area.  Arriving at the bottom of the canyon you will find many places to swim.

Pine forests cover about 60% of the protected area.

Cerro Águila is also a type of cloud forest that contains more bromeliads than orchids and a large number of organic shade grown coffee farms.

Climb a mountain or two for great views of the volcanoes of Nicaragua.

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