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CEMAS (Centro Multicultural de Aprendizaje Sostenibile)

Educational Enrichment Center

In 2009, Enrich the World built an educational enrichment center to create a space for people to come together, learn, share ideas and create change.  Land was donated by the local population and up went the center.  Many national and international organizations, community members and students have participated in meetings, seminars and workshops to create a better life for both the communities of the area and to conserve the valuable natural resources found here.

Environmental Youth Clubs formed at our center help to create leaders, boost self-esteem, build teams and raise awareness about the importance of the protected area.

Many groups come together at our center to create great things.  Here the model forest initiative was launched.

People from Honduras, Nicaragua and Spain working together.

Students in the area now have a library to read books, do research, get inspired and complete their homework.

Classes from the Universidad de Rey Juan Carlos in Spain arrive via the internet offering new opportunities in learning to local 7th, 8th and 9th graders.

Events are regularly held at the center to raise awareness about the importance of the protected area.  Here, recycling garbage into beautiful gowns to crown la reina de reciclaje.

Enriching lives and the world around us through Education, Nature, Research, Innovation and Community to inspire Hope for a better future.

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