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Enrich the World has been working in the La Botija protected area in Honduras since 2007 on various activities focused on the sustainable use of the natural resources.

Co-Management of La Botija

Enrich the World has been selected as one of the organizations to co-manage the Mountain of the Hidden Treasure (Montaña de La Botija) protected area. 

Enrich The World La Botija 

Bi-National Peace Park/Model Forest

We are currently coordinating the effort to create a bi-national model forest
( on the Honduran side. 

Environmental Education

Children can create change and Enrich the World works with 17 schools and their communities by providing opportunities in art, sports, science, leadership, creativity, health and team building - all focused on preserving the natural resources of the area.  Activities in the schools and communities are offered throughout the year, as well as educational opportunities at our center.

Scientific Studies

Very few in-depth studies have been done of the protected area.  Enrich the Word works with UNAH students (to support their thesis studies) and local biologists to begin identifying the flora and fauna of the area.  We are officially confirming the existence of many species in the area.

Small business and micro-finance

We work with community groups to develop new business opportunities so that they depend less on the natural resources of the area.

Youth Social Entrepreneurs

We actively look for youth who who can make a difference and develop projects with them.

Youth Ambassadors

Every year, Enrich the World selects students from the La Botija area to work with us during the week to learn about sustainable development.  On the weekends they continue their high school education using the funds earned during the week.


We also support events in the area and at our center to raise awareness about the importance of the protected area.  The event pictured here was the first ever recycling event in the area that turned garbage into beautiful dresses. 

Enriching lives and the world around us through Education, Nature, Research, Innovation and Community to inspire Hope for a better future.

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